Job title: Director


Madern Automation has a great team of diverse players with vast skills and capabilities.  Each team member has the opportunity to individually contribute to self-fulfillment, while enjoying successes that require multiple skill disciplines. Due to the fact Madern Automation is growing significantly, employees feel the opportunity to pick up challenges as they see fit in order to grow and adapt into roles that best fits the employees’ desires and capabilities.  The environment is professional and respectful.  With that, however, is a casual atmosphere, with a great expectation that all will contribute.  A very flat organization demands trust and reliance on each other.

Working at

A challenge I have in my position, is that job functions are not totally defined .. no in-box/out-box duties.. which is rewarding, as we move to develop and grow the operation, all of us have to opportunity to mold the future, as well as our personal job-tract.